ColourPop Holiday 2018 Collection

It’s not a dream it’s Holiday collection from Colourpop:


🌈 Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette $20.

🌈 Dream Sequence Highlighter Palette$18

🌈 Super Shock Highlighter $8 each:

β€’ Counting Sheep.

β€’ Pinch Me.

β€’ Guilty Pleasure.

β€’ Mr.Wind.

🌈 Double Rainbow SSS Kit $25

🌈 6 Super Shock Shadow each $5:

β€’ Falling Up

β€’ Roy G. Biv

β€’ IRL

β€’ Milky Way

β€’ REM

β€’ ZZZ

🌈 Dream Baby Dream Lippie Stix Kit $25.

🌈6 Lippie Stix $5 each:

β€’ At Twilight

β€’ Dream Date

β€’ Happy Thoughts

β€’ Are You Surreal

β€’ Sky Walking

β€’ Infinite Best

🌈 Flying Colors Lip Vault $80 contains 14 lip products (7 Gloss, 2 Satin, 3 Matte, 2 Metallic)

🌈 Ultra Glossy Lips $6 each:

β€’ Starburst

β€’ Round Midnight

β€’ Paper Moon

β€’ Dust2Dust

β€’ Hypno-tease

β€’ Stratus Update

β€’ Dreamaholic

🌈Ultra Satin Lips $6.50 Each:

β€’ Pitter Ponder

β€’ Make Believe

🌈 Ultra Matte Lips $6.50 each:

β€’ Skyfall

β€’ Chronos

β€’ La La Land

🌈 Ultra Metallic Lips $6 each:

β€’ Morning Glory

β€’ Nimbus

🌈 8 Jelly Much Shadows $8 each:

β€’ Sweet Dreams

β€’ Morning Light

β€’ Wide Awake

β€’ Into Focus

β€’ No Rest for the Vivid.

β€’ Hallucinogenius.

β€’ Wavelength.

β€’ Crystal Castle.

🌈 9 Gliterally Obsessed Body Glitters $8 each

β€’ Starfire

β€’ Outside The Lines

β€’ Dream About Me

β€’ Wish Me Luck

β€’ Avenue of The Stars

β€’ Star Party

β€’ Keep it Plutonic

β€’ Puffin

β€’ Eternal Sunshine

🌈 This is Not a Dream Makeup Bag $10.

🌈 LE Holiday PR set $300.

🌈 Holiday Collection Bundle $290.



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